Who will I see?

Our team are at the core of Boathouse Physiotherapy, offering the highest level of diagnosis, treatment and care.

Katherine Sanders

BSc(Hons) MCSP Chartered Physiotherapist

Katherine set up Boathouse Physiotherapy in 2014.  It is now a successful Private business with a NHS contract.  The clinic is set up to provide expert assessment, treatment and rehabilitation to the local residential and business community and to meet the ever increasing demand for fast access to high quality physiotherapy.  

Katherine's approach involves hands on treatment to joints, nerves and muscles. The majority of her treatments are focused on giving specific education and exercise to address your needs and your goals by avoiding a one-size-fits-all approach.  Katherine enjoys educating her patients in their condition and rehabilitation.  

Katherine qualified from University West of England, Bristol in 2000.  In 2006 Katherine took up a post at the Spire Hospital, Bristol where she was employed as Physiotherapy Manager. In this role she worked closely with lead orthopaedic consultants to set up and develop the outpatient department.  She especially enjoyed working with the shoulder specialist and now has a special interest in this area.

Alongside this she worked independently in other private practices, for the South West of England Girls hockey team and a South West division 1 rugby team. At the same time she developed her interest in Pilates and Acupuncture.

Since moving back to Reading in 2011 Katherine worked at the Spire Dunedin Healthcare. Here she worked with the local orthopaedic consultants.

Outside of work she enjoys pilates, running and spending time with her husband and two girls.

Katherine is currently working at both Boathouse Physiotherapy and Back In Line chiropractic clinic.

Shaun Rouse

BSc(Hons) Physiotherapy

Shaun graduated from Stellenbosch University, South Africa with a degree in Sports Science in 2007. He moved to the UK to study Physiotherapy and qualified from the University of Hertfordshire in 2011. Since then he has been specialising in musculoskeletal physiotherapy treating all age groups. Shaun has also achieved Quality Assured Practitioner (QAP) status in 2020 developed by Physio First in association with the University of Brighton. This recognises one's commitment to the quality of patient care and outcomes.

Shaun has worked with elite athletes and developed experience in biomechanics and performance in runners and cyclists.  Shaun has extensive training in bike fitting and cycling related injuries. He previously worked in a clinic in London delivering bike fitting services for injury prevention and for performance. Shaun can apply his biomechanics and physio head to help both amateurs and elite athletes alike.

Over the years he has qualified in acupuncture, pilates, personal training, taping and sports massage. Shaun also has specialist training in children and adolescent injuries and treatment.

Shaun has been working locally in the Chilterns for the last five years and has developed close working relationships with consultants and GPs. Shaun believes working within a multidisciplinary team to achieve the best outcomes for his patients. Clinically, Shaun's interest are in active treatment approaches and lower limb pathologies.

Outside of work Shaun is married and has two young boys which keep him very busy. However, Shaun still manages to cycle or run on a daily basis.

Helen Phelps

BSc(Hons) Physiotherapy HCPC, AACP

Helen graduated in 2003 with Bsc Hons in Physiotherapy from the University of Wales College of Medicine in Cardiff. She has worked in large teaching hospitals in Cardiff and London where she gained a wealth of experience in a range of physiotherapy before specialising in community and musculoskeletal settings.

Helen has nearly 18 years of experience working in both private and NHS sectors. Her experience enables her to effectively treat a wide range of acute and chronic musculoskeletal problems, including spines, joint, muscle and nerve related pain. She utilises a range of manual techniques including joint mobilisations, manipulations, soft tissue release, acupuncture, Pilates, exercise therapy and taping. She also successfully helps women with pregnancy related pain, using the Mummy MOT approach to strengthening and symptom relief with hands on treatment and taping techniques.

Helen moved to the areas 10 years ago and alongside working in local Physio practices she has also treated patients in their home settings for mobility and rehabilitation. She enjoys a friendly relationship with her patients and is always happy to help as much as possible.

Outside of work she is a busy mother of three and enjoys keeping fit running regularly and playing tennis.

Tom Workman

BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy

Tom qualified BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy at WITS University, South Africa. Since qualifying, he has gained experience in a wide variety of areas within South African hospitals as well as private MSK practices within South Africa and England.

Tom gained various sports exposure through working at events such as the Comrades Marathon, assisting recovery at Lions (Super Rugby) team as well as physio for men’s WITS 1st Team Hockey during their tournament victory at University Sports South Africa (USSA).

Tom has a special interest in musculoskeletal physiotherapy, rehabilitation as well as pilates (BASI certified). Tom is acupuncture as well as dry needling accredited. Tom believe in creating a positive environment for his patients, ensuring all support is given to complete their rehab journey from acute stages right through to outperforming their pre-injury status.

Tom is currently working at both Boathouse Physiotherapy and Back In Line chiropractic clinic.

Lee Bailey

Womens/Pelvic Health Physiotherapist

I have been qualified as a Physiotherapist for 5 years now (I was previously in the Royal Air Force for 8 years) and have been working within Womens/Pelvic Health for 2 years now. I have done this within the NHS (RBH) and privately, worked with inpatients and outpatients and carried out group (advice and education, rehab and Hydrotherapy) and one-to-one sessions.

I am very passionate about Womens Health and them being able to access all the help they should require and fully believe in the fact that women should not have to live with any of these symptoms, as most are treatable.

Conditions/Concerns I am able to treat:

Antenatal: PGP, Rib pain, sciatica, back pain, diastasis management, advice and education on: staying fit/active throughout pregnancy, managing carpel tunnel, comfortable labour positioning (for PGP mostly, but also general), how to reduce risk of tearing, perineal massage.

Postnatal: Ongoing PGP(any ongoing issues of pelvic, sacral, low back or hip area), back pain and/or abdominal weakness, diastasis rehab and management, incontinence(urinary/faecal/flatus), urinary urgency/OAB, scar tissue massage (c-section or tearing), pelvic organ prolapse, OASI management and rehabilitation, returning to fitness and running after childbirth. Advice and Education: Returning to sexual activity postnatally.


Stress and Urge Incontinence – Urinary/Faecal/Flatus – can perform vaginal and rectal examinations as required

Prehab and rehab for gynaecological surgeries

Overactive bladder/Increased urgency of bladder or bowels

Pelvic Organ Prolapse(whether +/- ring pessary)



Treatments: Pelvic Floor exercises, stretches and massage, biofeedback (for abdominal and pelvic examination),

Advice and education(happy to show women how to use them as part of their treatment, but they would have to purchase them and bring them along to their sessions) on use of pelvic/vaginal bio-feedback units, stimulators, kegal weights, vaginal dilators, femeeze (or similar).

“I am very friendly and approachable, so please if you have any questions about referring any of your patients, or (if I am available at the time), you want me to pop in and meet a patient to introduce myself, explain what I do or put their mind at ease, then please just ask. As previously stated, I truly believe women shouldn’t have to live with these issues, so even if they just want a one-off advice and education session, I am more than happy to oblige.”

Gill Jones

MCSP MSc (Adv Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy) BESS

Gill qualified as a Chartered Physiotherapist in 2002 and went on to complete a Masters in Advanced Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy in 2010 at King’s College London.

Gill worked for 5 years at Imperial College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust as a Musculoskeletal Specialist Physiotherapist and 3 years at Pure Sports Medicine, treating sports injury and general Musculoskeletal conditions and developing a special interest in shoulder rehabilitation. She has had experience working with UK Athletics, The LTA (Lawn Tennis Association) and the London Olympic Games.

Gill has experience in mentoring pre and post-graduate Physiotherapists and currently works as a lecturer at Oxford Brookes University. She enjoys being involved in research and undertook a Research Internship at the University of Oxford in 2014.

Stevie Oldfield

Sports Therapist BSc (Hons)

Stevie graduated in 2009 in a degree in Sports Therapy at the University Of Birmingham.  Stevie sees general muscular conditions and joint pains as well as sports, Pre-Event / Post Event massage.  Stevie treats with sport and remedial massage, mobilisations and occasionally 'dry needling' acupuncture if needed.  Acupuncture can be used for pain relief, it can relieve tight muscle tissue, facia, ligament and tendons. It can improve wellbeing and relaxation and also encourage muscles to activate.

She is also a Pilates instructor and runs a Pilates class. Stevie is also qualified in pre and post natal exercise, which really helped when having her son.

Stevie has also participated in sports such as rowing at national level, hockey, rugby, running and general gym strengthening.

Outside of work Stevie loves to be outdoors and spending time with her family and adorable pets.


Alexa Duckworth-Briggs

Alexa qualified in Sports and Remedial Massage at the London School of Sports Massage in 2016. Alexa has worked in Reading based practices alongside the physiotherapy teams since then as well as running her own business from home. She looks after a whole range of people with massage, from those with stiffness and pain or those doing sports through to working alongside the physiotherapy team to help with rehabilitation.

Alexa is also a UK Athletics Running Coach, working with all levels of runner on their training programmes and ongoing coaching as well as technique analysis and face to face coaching sessions. She loves running, especially trail and longer distance events and is enjoying introducing her dog to all the trail routes in the area. She's lived in and around Reading with her husband for 9 years.

Alexa also gives nutrition advice and works as an Outdoor Leader, often alongside Duke of Edinburgh's Award groups in the summer.

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